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Lucy Sheeran is a designer and illustrator, based in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales. Her architectural background gives her a keen eye for detail and fascination with the everyday details details that make things unique. 

A lifelong passion for architectural drawing has developed into finding her drawing a range of things. Starting with buildings, primarily homes, she has now developed popular ranges of other things such as pets, vehicles and lately, people.

Lucy draws each of her illustrations to order. The starting point is a photo ( or photos) from you. She illustrates the things you love, carefully, sometimes using artistic license to eliminate rogue wheelie bins from driveways, or adding collars to dogs etc. Her particular love is to add the things that make something truly special. Be it a special plant pot outside a house , or a bike propped up against a a wall, or  favourite toy of a beloved pet.

Lucy loves a challenge, so if you have something in mind that you'd like drawing, get in touch! 

Email: [email protected]